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T-Shirt Printing Service in Norwich Norfolk


We are a traditional screen printers based in the fine city of Norwich. We offer custom printed Tee shirts at wholesale prices.

Whether you need some stag or hen night Tee shirts, some promotional items for an event or gig or want to create a cool new brand, we can source it for you. 

We also print hoodies, sports wear and promotional bags as well as many other items.


How will my design look in print?

We offer both waterbased inks as well as phthalate free plastisol inks, each having their own characteristics and textures.

Waterbased inks can have a softer smoother feel but some colours may not be as vibrant as plastisol but has a more

natural look.  This is our preferred ink.

Discharge ink is also a waterbased ink.  This ink strips the original colour from the material before recolouring it leaving just the feel of the material itself.

Plastisol ink has been the most commonly used ink for screen printing garments.  The colours are very vibrant, it generally has a glossy look and feels slightly rubbery to the touch.

How it works!

Each colour in your design is separated and printed onto clear film, then each film is burnt onto a silk screen and aligned on press.  A two colour print on a white shirt will need two screens to be created.

Any colours printed on a dark garment may need a white underbase so an extra screen may be needed to provide this if you really want your colour to be vibrant.  However, this is not always the case! A waterbased print, printed without an underbase can give that washed vintage look, and that may be just what you need.  We also can use discharge ink which will remove the base colour of the material and recolour it.

Unsure what to go with?  Just get in touch, we can look at your artwork and advise what may work best.

Styles of image

spot colours

are solid areas of colour usually created in a vector program.  This is great for many logos with text and shapes that have clean lines.


is a photographic image that has been converted to greyscale.  When this is printed the different shades of white or grey are converted to dots of different sizes to represent changes in tone.  This way, printing with just one colour can achieve an appearance of shading.

Spot Process

is like Halftone, but layers of coloured dots are printed and the colours mix together to give the apperance of a full colour image.

Whatever your artwork requirements, there's always a way to reproduce it in print. 


If you need any advice, I'm here to help, just use the contact form below to message me.

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